EVGA EGeforce 8800GT and trying to run a PCI card failing to work

System specs are

I know this sounds lame but it is a Dell Dimension 9100 Desktop however it has SLI for my 8800GT which works great on this but it only has the two DVI outputs, I need to connect my 3 other displays, and if I have to I need to have at least two more displays running. Rest of the specs are a Creative SB Audigy to a Creative DTS-610 and what else, DDR2 memory and ah I don't know but it is a 2GB stick and 3 slots open at the moment~ I don't know the details right now.

I have tried many different PCI video cards, the drivers install fine and when I reboot, device manager will show a yellow, saying Windows saw a problem and stopped the device.

Currently the PCI card is a Nvidia Quadro NVS (Microsoft Corportation - XDDM)

This has been the same message for the last 3 PCI cards installed, I must think this is due to the 8800GT.

Please help me, one of these displays are my TV display meaning connected @ my bed for TV shows, lol I say this since I am a major TV junkie and need it online and can't stand one display for a primary.

I am doing this correctly, I install one card at a time, load drivers get it working, the install the second card, install drivers but however I get this error message, please help me.
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  1. Is the 8800GT control panel causing a problem
  2. Going to try and just uninstall the drivers for the PCI Card, then pull it, uninistall drivers for the 8800 SLI Card and then reinstall drivers, but only just the display driver.

    The problem with this route I am going is that in the end even if this did work, I would have no control panel, I like having the control panel for the 8800 or maybe I am being a noob here and having control panels is for noobs while there is a much better konsole out to use for GPU.

    Btw I said it briefly how I would just settle on the 4 displays if I can get it working, I am really hoping this will fix the PCI issue and because I actualy really do need to install the 3rd video card, in the PCI slot with 2 more DVI.

    I haven't used this system with 6 displays yet, I had this running fine on a 360 precision, I know lame... using dell or any type of name box, trust me it is weird for me too, all crazy with the weird cases, at least this one is powerful compared to idk, help me pleeeease~!!
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