5570 1GB a decent card?

Regualr games I'd play would be Team Fortress 2, CS:S, League of Legends, and will give WoW a test run if I get it. I know it'll play these games mostly maxed. But my question is would it perform decent on a game like Battlefield: Bad Company 2? I will be playing on an 18.5 inch at 1280x1024 res.

And the reason I choose this card is because I dont have a strong PSU (250w) and dont feel like upgrading that soon.

Or should I just wait and get a 5670 512mb with a new PSU?

This is the 5570 I plan on getting:
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  1. So just get the 5670 without a PSU upgrade? :3

    Seems pretty dangerous...
  2. I basically max out quality in Battlefield BC2 with an HD5870 1GB, but you'd have to turn down the graphics quality with anything less.

    There would be a HUGE difference in quality between my card and an HD5570 and you'd have to make decisions such as turn down the Anti-Aliasing or have better graphics quality.

    If you don't upgrade your PSU (plus I don't know the rest of your specs) you are limited to what your PSU can handle. In particular, you want to read how much Amps the 24V lines of your PSU can put out and choose a graphics card that requires less than that.
  3. So I guess i'll hold out and wait for a 5670.
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    The 5570 is a little faster than a 3850/3870, so if a 3850 is in the min or recommended requirements it can play it, but maxed out not as much. My friend plays League of Legends on a flat screen TV with the 3850 I gave him and seems happy with it. Only get the 5670 if you know your PSU is a decent quality unit, because if it's crap bad things can happen :D. If you're going to upgrade your PSU then you may as well go with something a little more powerful than a 5670 anyway.
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