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Hello, I have a Radeon HD5670 card, and was wondering if I miss anything using xp, and not win 7 - because XP cant use directX 11 - especially for gaming - and my card can use Direct X 11
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  1. windows 7 for direct x 10 & 11.
  2. thnx

    I have read many posts on XP vs Win 7 for games, etc. What are your opinions? I am also thinking of getting another 4g (8 in total)
  3. if you have less than 3gb ram, then forget win7, go with xp. I have just recently upgraded from xp to win7 and every single game runs slower, in some games like crysis, there are too many freezes/loading from hard drive when playing, its begging for more than 2gb ram. Just make sure you run 64bit win7 if you want to use more than 3.5gb ram. As for dx11, the 5670 runs most dx11 games too slow to make it worth while and most games still use dx9 anyway. even dx11 games can be run in dx9 mode and will run much better in that mode.
  4. ah, thnx

    I have a LGA775 mother board - and was wondering what upgrade options to take.

    I dont want to buy a new card.

    1) Thought more ram and Win 7
    2) Faster CPU
  5. sorry

    have a Core duo E7500 2.93mhz cpu
    LGA 775 socket
    ASUS P5G41T-M LE
    Win Xp, 4gig ram
  6. I would say your card is holding you back the most in terms of gaming. Thats a weak card especially if you want to play at direct x 11.

    Heres what i would do:

    1) new gpu
    2) add some ram,
    3) new cpu n mobo

    Also what psu do u have?
  7. What is your monitor's native resolution?
  8. 1920 x 1080

    PSU only 420 or 450 (need to check) = reason for getting the 5670 in first place

    Core 2 Quad Q 9650 or Extreme QX9770 CPU or E8600 would be options - but expensive
  9. as said the best thing is upgrade gpu first especially at them resolutions and dx11, look at 6850/70
  10. thnx for the suggestions
  11. My four-year old Athlon X2 system runs any game just as well in Windows 7 as in XP. I recommend Win 7 64 with at least 4GB of RAM though.

    Also, as has been mentioned, your GPU is a bit underpowered to play games at 1920x1080. As far as a CPU upgrade is concerned, the high-end S775 chips are now so expensive that there is no sense in buying them over the i5-2xxx's.
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    You mentioned you've already got 4GB of RAM, and a dual core CPU, so as long as you aren't expecting to max out Metro 2033 :p... my suggestion is to go with Win7 64-bit, and a new GPU that's at least a 5770, or even a 5750 would be a more sensible route for 1080p gaming at low to medium settings.
    You can probably sell your 5670 on Kijiji or Craig's List to help make up the difference (that's what I always do, makes GPU upgrades much easier ;))
    Check the power requirements for the 5770 and be sure your ~450w PSU can handle it first. And if it's not a decent quality PSU, I can already tell you, it can't.
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