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I'm having an issue where my PC will load up to the Desktop, start loading the startup programs, then system reboots. It will do this in safe mode as well as Normal Startup. Is this issue more often the PSU or the Motherboard? There is a slightly scorched Capacitor on the MoBo by the CPU power port.

The problem started while i was gaming; system randomly shut of (As if overheating, though it wasn't), then after that won't stay on at all.
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  1. well if there seems to be a blown capacitor that could very well be the problem. However, do check the temperature in BIOS over a period of 10 mins or so (or approximately 2x as long as it takes to load to desktop and then shut off). If you see temperature rising consistently, it might be overheating causing the shut down.
  2. It turns out it wasn't the capacitor that went. A flat black chip next to the capacitor blew, throwing a sizable amout of "soot" onto the capacitor, and knocking it to an angle. Unfortunetely, with my level of technical knowhow, I havnt a clue what the piece is, or what caused it to blow. I've since replaced the board with an upgraded MSI.
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