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What is intel's equivalent to amd athlon™ ii x3 450 3200

what is intel's equivalent to amd athlon™ ii x3 450 3200 (triple core). I already have a dual core 2.4 Ghz and someone told me that this AMD is about the same in general performance. Is this true?

Thanks for your input to those of you who responded. I already bought the AMD triple core a few days ago but haven't opened the box yet because for $100 more, I thought maybe I should go back & get the quad core.

To be more specific, I am a very "general" user of a desktop computer with the exception of doing a lot of video converting (eg: avi to DVD's), learning to use Photoshop and most recently found that I will be doing a lot of programming of POS systems for my customers over the internet (from home to their place of business) through acct. I am NOT a gamer in any way, shape or form (don't even play solitare! lol ) So based on this info, NOW, should I get the quad core below or keep the one I have for what I need?

AMD A6-3650 / 2.6GHz quad core
amd athlon™ ii x3 450 3200 triple core (3.2 GHz)

There are so many choices, specs, prices, performance types, etc. etc. that I am really not savvy enough to decipher what is best for my needs and/or general effeciency/speed. eg: 4 quad sounds like more but the GHz is higher on the triple core. Confused. Thanks for any further comments/assistance as to which of the above 2 choices any of you would choose if you were me.
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  1. go look at the CPU charts and see what is near it for the types of applications that you use. Obviously Intel does not make a 3 core product, so it will be somewhere between a really old quad core, or a newer duel core. Some programs will take advantage of 3 cores, but many will only do 1 or 2, in which case the 3rd core would be basically useless, so what is 'equivalent' will vary a bit.
  2. While I know that it is more powerful I would have to say the closest in our current line up is Intel® Core™ i3-2100. With hyper-threading you will be able to run 4 threads on it and the Intel Core i3-2100 would give you more then enough preformance.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. I would say that the dual core Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 (2.8GHz) CPU is more than match for the tri-core Athlon II x3450.

    You need to be more specific about your CPU. Simply stating it's "dual core 2.4GHz" is not much of any help.
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    Intel Pentium G620 Dual Core 2.6 GHz.
    In the same price range, as the Athlon II X3 455 .

    However, the Pentium G620 outperforms it easily in gaming and is usually on par or faster in most applications, the only exception to this being video conversion, where the Athlon II X3 455 is faster thanks to having three cores.
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