Sudden reboot when playing games on new computer :(

Hey all, i ordered some parts from there last week so i could finally start playing modern games
but i've been having a serious problem ever since setting everything up yesterday and i was hoping someone would be
kind enough to help me.

Components i ordered were:
Asus GeForce GTX 560 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express
Intel Core i5-2300 2.80GHz (Sandybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor
Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 Intel P67 Chipset (Socket 1155) DDR3 Motherboard
8gb (2x4gb) Corsair XMS3 DDR3
OcUK Battle (powercool) 650W Dual Rail High Efficiency Modular Power Supply
Akasa AK-CCX-4002HP Venom CPU Cooler (Socket LGA775/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1366/AM2/AM3)
OcUK Avenger Gaming Midi Tower Case

Additional info:
Clean Windows 7 64bit Installation
All Latest Drivers
CPU temps are fine.
GPU is at stock settings, temp is around 30 when idle
and ive never seen it go more than a couple of degrees above 60 with all i've thrown at it.

As i said i just put the rig together yesterday, after installing all drivers etc..
I started taking a look at the fancy screensavers on the nvidia geforce site just to be gratuitous.
Got about 2min into the train screensaver when my screen went black and sound started stuttering/looping
until the computer just rebooted a few seconds later...

Thats when i thought something was fishy and decided to start playing some games with extreme graphics
settings to see if it was an isolated incident with the screensaver.
Played a good bit of portal 2 and left4dead 2... not a hitch... things were looking good...
Played Civ5 for less than 20min and the computer suddenly rebooted again in a similar fashion.
Tried twice more with the same result.

After each reboot asus smartdoctor said my card was fine and temps were still never unusually high.
So looking for the cause i ran memtest, no errors...
Downloaded and installed 3dmark 2011 and bam...
as soon as the deepsea demo finishes loading it happens... sudden reboot.. i dont even get to see the first frame.
If i choose benchmarks only, it loads and i get about half a second of the first benchmark before the same happens again.
This happens consistently and i've no idea where to go from here.

Grasping at straws i'm even beginning to wonder if i hooked up the 6pin pci-e from psu to graphics card correctly,
because the modular cables the psu came with seem stupidly baffling to me...
On the psu there are 2 ports marked pci-e 6pin... and 2 ports marked pci-e 8pin...
But the 6pin ports are completely useless with what comes in the box...
there are only two pci-e cables and theyre both of the 8pin to 6+2pin variety...
which means you either have to use the 8pin in the pcie8pin port and then use the 6 pins on the other end on the graphics card
(what im currently doing... since it was the ONLY option i assumed it was what was intended)
If you want to use the pci-e 6pin port on the psu with the cables supplied you'd be left with an 8pin connector on the other side -.-

Anyhow this probably has nothing got to do with it i just thought id throw it in there to give as much relevant info as possible.
Thanks in advance for any help, its greatly appreciated!

- Teh_Scrow

EDIT: Should probably also mention that once or twice right when the 3dmark11 deepsea demo finished loading and it crashed it sounded like a fan inside the case went into overdrive and got really loud... which i think could only be the gpu fan... this extra confuses me because it crashes when it finishes loading and before any rendered frames appear on screen.. so why would the gpu fan start whirring like that? :/
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  1. wats gpu temp 100% load and cpu temps
  2. Is there any nifty piece of software that will find this out for me or will i just run l4d2 again on max graphics and take note of peak gpu temps then convert an .avi to dvd format and take note of peak cpu temps?

    cpu temp always seems normal in bios computer health section immediately after reboot and i've been taking note of the gpu temp while gaming... i even got the nvidia train demo to run for about 8 min then quit and immediately looked at gpu temp and it seems to max out at 60 give or take a degree.

    Cheers for the speedy reply by the way!
  3. to check gpu temps, i use msi afterburner and run it in background when playing a game, download coretemp for cpu temperature, also download prime95 to get your cpu at 100% load.

    its a bit wierd how it just restarts, no errors or anything?
  4. Yep, absolutely no error at all...
    the monitor stops recieving a signal and at the same time the sound cuts out, loops or stutters... and within a few seconds (if not straight away) the computer is rebooting by itself..
    But thanks for the suggestions i'll go off and try those now and come back with the results!
  5. GPU-Z says my gpu temp maxes out at 63 when running my comp through the mill
    and while running prime95 my processor temps peak at:

    core 0 - 44c
    core 1 - 49c
    core 2 - 45c
    core 3 - 48c

    Still locking up and rebooting with train demo and 3dmark11... with some variation...
    During train demo the computer completely locked up and monitor lost signal... but the music continued to play without hitches for about 30 seconds before it changed to a buzzing and the computer rebooted by itself...

    Feedback/buzzing noise through speakers happens alot when monitor signal is lost and the comp locks up... mostly it reboots by itself but sometimes i need to hit reset myself... and sometimes after a spontaneous reboot it will stay on for about 4 seconds then suddenly reboot again, this time actually booting up fully.

    i've rechecked simple things like everythings connected/seated securely...
    have tried older display drivers...

    I've no idea what to do at this point.... dont know if a part is faulty and needs to be sent back... dont even know where the problem is originating... so frustrating...

    But hopefully this info helps diagnose the problem!
  6. well your temps are all fine, do you have another graphics card to try in your machine, see if you get same results. or try your card in another pc.

    If possible also try different ram. its a matter of ruling stuff out, my g card used to cause crashes etc
  7. I would like suggesting you to check the output voltages of your psu, I had similar problems on my old stuff and encountered that it was due to psu that was outputting low voltages, specifically the 12V output would be lower
  8. yes also try a new psu, i dont know what ocuk psus are like but it could be the culprit as could anything else
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