Hi, i have a Dell dimension 8300 and want to upgrade several objects on it. I know nothing on this subject and wondered if i could put any CPU on my older motherboard. if i can, then i will be grateful on your knowledge. If not, then im screwed.
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  1. the comp u have is to old now ya can get better parts for pennies compaired to when bouhgt that able to make better system than that for £150.
  2. Any advice for a CPU that would fit mine? I think mine is an Intel inside Pentium 4 3.2 ghz.
  3. heres the specs--you may be able to add more memory and a better graphics card but

    dont think you can do a great improvement on the cpu
  4. I can no connect to my computer
  5. borge_28 said:
    I can no connect to my computer


    if you have a problem start your own thread dont hijack his :non:
  6. The problem is i know sweet F A about all this, i added an ATI radeon HD4650, and it has 4gb of RAM, but that is it!
  7. you have the maximum ram it can take--its an agp graphics slot so you can only improve the graphics so far--and you cant really improve the cpu much either

    what do you actually want to use the pc for?
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