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Hello, I need your help. I have 350w psu. And I want to upgrade my 8400 gs , i think about 9600 gt. I saw here threads about it , but they were in 2008 and 2009 , Now there are much more cards than in past. So i need your help. What is best card for 350w psu today? Nvidea or ATI
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  1. what is your PSU brand and model? please list down your system spec as well. the best card i can think of in regard of your PSU is 6670:
  2. Kmex 350w is my psu model
  3. Can you list the avaible amps on each rail from the chart located on the power supply?

    Can you plz list your full system specs?(Mobo,RAM,CPU,etc.)
  4. I would certainly get your PSU upgraded as they're cheap enough at the moment. I use a 650w to run a high end machine with my GTS 450.
  5. jamesunsworth said:
    I would certainly get your PSU upgraded as they're cheap enough at the moment. I use a 650w to run a high end machine with my GTS 450.

    it depends on the system. for a normal system a good 400w PSU (not a generic one) should be enough for GTS450 as stated by nvidia:
  6. I think we should should first findout what type of CPU and power supply(12/v amperage specificly) the OP has before we start suggesting graphics cards.

    The OP could have a Pentium IV for all we know which would defnitly hinder any new age GPU.
  7. I am unfamiliar with that brand name. I can say that it is not considered to be high quality or premium quality. At best it would be of average quality. You also need to provide more information as to exactly what brand name and model computer you have. If you can list the individual parts, that would be even better.

    Based on that my recommendation would be a HD 5670 PCI-e 2.0 version. A PCI-e 2.1 card can have problems if it is installed in a PCI-e 1.x slot.

    If you know your motherboard has a PCI-e 2.1 slot, then consider the HD 6670 which is roughly 10% - 12% faster than the HD 5670.

    I can recommend some cards from nVidia that can work with your limited (and questionable) power supply, but their performance will be below the Radeons that I've mentioned.
  8. MY motherboard has PCI X16.
    PC specs:
    2 gb ddr2 667
    8400 gs want to upgrade similar to 9600. The perfomance mustnot be under 9600 gt
    dual core e2140
    200gb hdd
    picture of Psu

    Also cpu-z speccy and other similar programs were showing that motherboard had 4 slots of ram , i bought 3 rams and when i opened it there were only 2 slots :DLoL

    I want a video card not very expensive. it must be like 9600gt.
    Any suggestions?
  9. And the modo is Palit 945gc1066

    I know that they are old :D very Old
  10. Well with that processor I would spend the money from the GPU and get a whole new processor and mobo.
    1.6ghz is really really slow and you will bottleneck any card you put in it.

    Your Processor:

    Thats strange,the maker of that PSU list's the spec's for all their PSU's not just the one it is.Well you can support 225watts on the 12/v rail which I would tax down to 200watts for age and non reliablity of the PSU maker.In that case I don't think you should get anything higher than a 5570.But like I said I think even a card like the 5570 might get blottlenecked and I still think you should just spend your money on a new processor instead of a new graphics card.Your going to see a huge increase in frames with a new processor even with your current GPU.
  11. I have an HP e9300 AMD 64bit computer with 6 gig of DDR3. It came with a Radeon HD 5450 which AMD says is rated for a 400 watt psu. I looked at the psu in my computer and it says 350 watts?. I was thinking of upgrading to the Radeon HD5670 but after reading this forum I'm really confused - can anyone help? Should I get the HD 5670 or the 4670. I do light on line gaming, Counter Strike at 1680x1050 res.
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