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I have a Geforce 8800 gts 320mb card and I'm looking at a Ati 6570 1 gb card to replace it. Is it much of a difference?
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  1. It is an upgrade, and should show you a big FPS boost, yes.

    If you give us a budget and your screen resolution, we could give you a better advice.

  2. Well I built my computer 4 years ago, AMD Athon X2 5600, 4 GB ram, Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB. I'm thinking of buying a newer computer but I am concerned about the video card that comes with it, which is the ATI 6570 1 GB. I have been out of the video card "loop" for a while and need a little help. If the ATI card isn't that great than I may pass on the computer.
  3. Sorry, I use my hd tv of 1920x1080.
  4. IMO, if you can upgrade your current system, do that. It's going to be a lot cheaper than getting a new one from scratch.

    Can you give the rest of the new system's spec and price?

  5. Doesn't show me the product, asks for a postal code :P

  6. Acer Desktop, 3.4GHz Intel-Core i7-2600, 8GB RAM, 1.5TB HDD (AG5910-E4522)
  7. Well, it IS a huge upgrade from the Athlon, that's for sure... xD

    What about the price? Are you going to be using it for more than just gaming?

  8. $800, I use it for leisure surfing and gaming, like starcraft 2 etc. I have to go out for an hour I will be back. thanks for your help.
  9. I'm back, so what do you think? worth the money?
  10. a 6570 is barley faster then your current gpu, it is in fact scrap by modern day comparison I would at least shoot for a 5770/6770 for an upgrade, just because it is a 6 series amd gpu does not mean its fast, I could barely even recommend that thing for light gaming by todays standards, the prebuilt rig sounds like an okay but for the same price you could assemble the same rig with a good gpu
  11. $800 for a gaming system is quite a lot these days...

    If your MoBo (mother board) is equiped with an AM2+ socket, you could just upgrade the CPU and get a beefier GPU and save A LOT of money.

    Could you get the exact model of your MoBo? Maybe you don't need a whole new system at all. The Core i7 upgrade sounds cool, but for what you list, is kinda overpriced IMO.

    Oh, and the 320MB of the 8800GTS is the factor that tells me it's going to perform under the 6570 in all scenarios, but don't have proof of it; just intuition, lol. Remember the 320 was very handicapped in both memory and gpu power. If it was a 512MB 8800GTS/GT it would be a different story.

  12. Upgrading is a good option (see post above) but if you get a powerful GPU you may need a new power supply. Still why pay for a new case etc. if you can DYI.
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