P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 BIOS with dual HDD

About 6 months ago I did my build and followed these instructions to boot from an SSD but "optimize" files to my larger HDD. Everything has worked perfectly except that when I did my built, I plugged my optical drive into the Marvel SATA port on my mb, and never enabled it.


So yesterday I went into the BIOS and enabled Marvel controller. Optical drive works. Got to the Windows login, my username is there...but it won't let me log in. I get an error "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded". I take this to mean my SSD booted up, but it can't find my user profile which is on my other drive.

I have since disabled the marvel controller, unplugged the optical drive but no luck. I started looking at the boot priority in the bios. When I go into advanced BIOS, this is what I get under the "Boot" menu:

Boot Option Priorities
Boot Option 1: (only lets me choose my SSD)

Underneath that, there is the "Hard Drive BBS Priorities" sub menu. When I click on that, the boot options are:
Option1: SSD
Option2: normal SATA drive

So the BIOS is recognizing both drives, but won't let me put them both in the boot priority list. I don't know if that is the problem, but I think before I was able to have them both in the boot menu.

Anyone know what else I can do to fix this since no data was changed and it's recognizing both drives, I'm hoping some simple BIOS change will fix this.
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  1. I know this is a very specific question, but no one has any thoughts on BIOS settings that could have affected this? If I just "bricked" my HDD I'll just reinstall win7 and start over, but I'd really prefer to not do that if I could.
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