Can a ATI Radeon HD 6850 Max Out Metro 2033[Premuim DVD] ?

Can a ATI Radeon HD 6850 Max Out Metro 2033 ?
If it can max out then how much FPS will I get at 1600*900 with 8GB RAM and Phenom II X4 955?
And if not then at what resolution or settings?
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  1. with that resolution you will be able to play on " very high" settings, but as far as maxing out, you will have to sacrafice the DX11 features and some AA. get the game and try it out, its a good buy anyhow.
  2. maybe you can try the demo first. with my GTX460 i'm settled with very high dx10. the game hit me the hardest when moving to the outside world when there were lots of light effect. (my resolution is 1600x900 as well)
  3. It wont be able to max it out, but I recommend running it on high( the difference between high and very high is not that great), AAA on with tessellation enabled. It should be running at more than 30 FPS most of the time.
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