Is Nvidia Geforce 8400gs is Combatible for Asus P5GC-MX 133 Motherboard

Hi Friends,
I have a Pc with Asus P5GC-MX 133 motheboard & 2Ghz Dual Core processor with 1Gb Ram. I HAVE DECIDED TO PURCHASE A GRAPHICS Card that enable me to play Fifa Manager 2011 Game. And, i decided to purchase 512MB Nvidia Geforce 8400Gs. I have no idea about graphics cards When i fixed the Card to my motherboard i don't see anything Happens. I have fixed my monitor Cable to Graphics card my Monitor Displays " CHECK VIDEO CABLE". I ant to help from you Guys to help me to find whether this card is combatible for my Motherboard or I need any Upgrades....
Also Help me to Install the graphics card on my Computer................
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  1. have you tried to connect your monitor to the onboard video card, enter the BIOS, and change the video settings for the computer to check for the video card on the PCI slot first, then connect the monitor back to the 8400GS.
  2. Thanks for your Replys Bro...........
    I Don't know to change bios settings ........
    Please help to change them..........
    I also ant to know that this Graphics card is Compatible for my motherbaord.....
  3. the card should work it should be just a matter of telling the BIOS to use the PCI slot as a default for video.

    Enter the BIOS
    choose Advanced tab
    choose Chipset
    under 'Boot Graphic Adapter Priority' set it to [PCI/Int-VGA]

    you might have to disable the video drivers for the onbaord video card in Windows
  4. I tried the Steps you Suggested Me. But, i can't see anything Happened.
    Whenever we Attach a Hardware to Pc, there will be Found New Hardware wizard will opens. But, i don't see any Wizard opens after i connect Graphics Card.
  5. I am noticed that the Fan of Graphics card is Rotating.
  6. have you check the Device Manager if the card shows in there
  7. Ya! I don't see any notifications for a Card in Device Manager.
  8. I checked my device Manager and I Find a UNKNON DEVICE. May that be the Graphics Card?
  9. I noticed that Doesn't install Chipset Drivers for my motherboard. If it was a problem?
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