Ghosts in my computer?!?

I recently built a desktop with a ASRock Extreme 4 Z77 motherboard, and it's been working absolutely fine... until i put it to sleep.
For some reason, my computer does not like to stay asleep, and 10 minutes or so later, will begin trying to wake itself up.

Creepy as hell the first time it happened. I was sleeping then...

I suspect that there is some small issue with my motherboard that causes it to think that I'm trying to wake it up. I know it isn't the power button on my Antec 302 case since I have to push the button pretty far in in order to make contact.

As a first time builder, I have absolutely no idea where to begin troubleshooting this issue. Suggestions?
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  1. Do you have wood floors?
  2. Maybe the ghosts posted this?
  3. "and 10 minutes or so later, will begin trying to wake itself up. "

    Can u put more description to that? Top what is happening...
  4. sounds like you have a device enabled to wake up the computer. check your bios and window's power settings.
  5. When I say it woke itself up, i mean it. Not that there has to be ghosts in there.

    How it happens is that one moment it will be asleep, the front panel light blinking as usual, and the next the light will stay on and my comp will post, my cpu fan will start running like it usually does when a computer is turned on/awakened from sleep state.

    to loonaim: I went to the windows power options advanced settings, and i found an option for a sleep timer, which was enabled. I disabled it, and hopefully that does the trick. Unfortunately I don't have the time to test right now.

    to geekapproved: *Sigh*
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