How do I connect front panel audio to my Asus P6X58D-E ?

Just got this mobo and an Antec One hundred lite case. How do I connect the AC97 or HD AUDIO Front panel audio? This has the Q Connector(The white connector) which is used to connect the HDD LED etc. Do I have to Take Out pins or something? See pic:

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  1. The front audio doesn't go there, the AAFP is on the extreme left-bottom edge of the MOBO. See p 2-34 of the manual -

    What you have there is the ASUS Q-Connector for the Front (System) Panel; See p 2-36.
  2. Im an idiot. Sorry. Now I got another problem. I put in another cable that was in the Case, but pressing power does basically nothing. Any help on it? Pic here:

  3. Actually I found a POWER SW Cable(Im an idiot again) . But I f I try to put that with my USB Connector, there's no place or space :(

  4. The USB cable from the case does not plug into the Quick Connect. It gets plugged into one of the USB sockets on the motherboard. Make sure that you use the blue sockets and not the black Firewire socket. If you plug it into the black socket, it can damage the board. Follow the motherboard manual carefully.
  5. ^+1 (USB)

    The blue POWER SW connects to the PWR (red)+Ground (blue), and ditto with the Reset+Ground.
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