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I put everything together and when I went to power on the motherboard has a green light on, the video card has a green light on, and the front led's turn on. None of the fans turn on and nothing appears on screen. I've been working on this all day and have no idea what I did wrong. I tested the PSU and it is able to turn on the fans when I put a paperclip in the 24-pin power supply.
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  1. I have been troubleshooting the problem, and I really feel like I have done nothing wrong. Is it possible I have damaged something with static causing the computer to not work? I am going to reassemble the computer tomorrow, but I have a feeling like it won't fix the problem.
  2. Did you check the front panel cables and to make sure they're plugged in correctly? My very first build, I didn't plug the PWR one into the right spot and had the same problem. There should be a pin-out in your motherboard manual or online.
  3. Yes I checked. One thing I forgot to mention is, when I push the power button the light flashes on the front and my overhead light flickers. It's very weird.
  4. still need help
  5. I'm not an expert but it sounds like a motherboard issue. I would try calling asus in the morning - they're extremely helpful and they'll troubleshoot the board with you. At least then you'll know what you're dealing with. Here's the contact numbers:

    Also try to find out exactly which light is lit on the motherboard - the manual should help you with that. My asus z68 board has a boot_drive light that stays on until it finds something that it can boot from and when there's no OS the light just stays on. If that's the light that's on then maybe everything is working properly except that your video card is faulty and can't display anything, although that wouldn't explain the fan issues.
  6. If you perform all the steps in the troubleshooting checklist in my signature it will help you narrow down what's causing the problem.
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