Board doesnt POST need insight

I recently built a computer for the first time about a month ago and I thought I had my work cut out for me but...the board has been giving me problems ever since(its not a new board downfall was getting a used board with no warranty)

here's my specs:
ASRock H55DE3
Intel Core i5 750
Antec BP550 Plus
Nvidia 8500 GT(GPU I used before)
Radeon HD 6870(GPU Im using now)
Crucial Tactical DDR3 2GB 1333 PC 10600(XMP)(RAM I had used before)
Corsiar CMX32048 1333C9DHX(RAM im using now)

My first problems was when I started my build up the first time and went into the bios the screen flashed random colors, stopped and froze afterwards, so I panicked and shut the thing down and unknowingly cleared the CMOS while turning the PC on. After the it started boot looping, after a long while of potentially doing more harm than good I found that the boot looping was the board having a conflict with my curcuits in my house which is rated at 240v and not 115v(from what I know now)

The flashing colors and freezing I am going to safely assume it was the RAM, since I stupidly expected them to work together, but later found it wasnt on the QVL list. The board was constantly freezing everywhere, most notably when running Prime95, the tests without RAM went through, but the tests with RAM froze almost immediately, I didnt expect the RAM to be incompatible until I started overclocking and the NOW the board doesnt POST

The last time the board was POSTing was when I had set the RAM back to its stock speed(since it was freezing at that speed) back from 512 MHZ. THe CPU was at 3.4 GHZ from 2.6. I had set the RAM up from 1600 to 1825 I think and since then I hasnt POSTed. All of the other components work fine from my troubleshooting and to add the top right area of the board above the ram slots, there are two chips(what looks like a transistor and some branded chip seated right above the RAM slots in the middle) that get very hot when the board is on.

I am in the process of clearing the CMOS for about 30 hours or more but I need some insight as to what may be causing the problem or why this happens
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  1. Did you applied thermal compound on the cpu?
  2. Why are you waiting 30 hrs to clear cmos? There's a jumper to the left and down from the battery to do that right away. Unplug the pc and move the jumper from 1&2 to 2&3 for acopple sec and then move it back.You said the ram is not on the list of compatible for that board so i would get ram that is to start with.
  3. yes, CPU isnt the problem since I test the CPU constantly for problems, reseated it and everything. I heard from a trusted source that somtimes a 24 hour clearing of the CMOS clears up bios problems sometimes. In my own experience I had another PC(and Emachines) that would not POST at all no matter what I did and clearing CMOS for 1 minute, power cycling, 15 minute clear 30 minute clear 12 hour clear didnt work. So I left the PC with the bios battery out for about 30 or more hours and THEN it turned on...I dont know either but that was before I heard other people do this. I also recently bought RAM on the QVL list and it still doesnt POST so im clearing CMOS right now hoping it will turn on
  4. That was the old way before they put a jumper on boards that do it right away.Its a blue jumper right by your battery.
  5. I know the jumper is there and I tried all that but no luck. I heared from another Forum from some smart people that that clearing style may work and im hoping it does. Read my original Post so you can get all the details
  6. UPDATE: the problems are persisting but I am looking at the bios chip and its not seated straight in its socket, the right side it buldging a tad bit more than the left, is this normal??
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