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My battery is not charging and is at 0% therefore it works only when plugged in. As soon as it's unplugged it shuts down. The battery icon on the status bar says "0% available (plugged in, charging)" but IT DOESN'T CHARGE. the battery meter on the status bar started moving like it was charging, but then it stopped after a few seconds (just like it does on start up). Again, it says "0% available (plugged in, charging)" but IT DOESN'T CHARGE. Just wondering if anyone has any updates about this or if I'm going to need to send it in for repair. It's just a day old and under warranty. any tips appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Send it back ASAP. Either the rectifier is blown or the Battery is bad. Let the Manufacturer deal with the problem. But send it back really soon, 'cos they are very bad when it comes to battery troubles.
  2. Yes, agreed. RMA it Immediately...
  3. I will send it back ASAP...thanks for the support REALLY APPRECIATE it ...smh @ product
  4. I always tell people if its under warranty, send it back. Never try to deal with something yourself until the warranty is gone. You start monkeying with something now, and they might say you broke it. Take it back and have them fix it on their dime and not yours.
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