Ati radeons and driver issues, or is a card failing

hi there people, need some help if possible.
pc wont load up windows, stops right before the log in screen, bit with no ati drivers system will log in and and is stable. Cards are crossfired 5770's, and have reinstalled a few versions of windows and the same thing keeps happening. All reinstalls where on a freshly formatted drive so there is no chance of old drivers still being installed. Power supply not an issue as its a 1200 watt coolermaster unit, mobo is a asus p6tpro x58, cpu is a core i7 920 and ram is 6 gig corsair. Case is an antec 1200 and cooling is'nt an issue, cpu max's at 42 and gpus max out at 55 in mass effect 2 after a few hours. Just wandering if certain updates could be causing the problem or if one of the cards is failing.

Any help welcome

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  1. That CM is a 98A single 12v rail model, so one of the cards not getting enough juice is out of the options...

    Did you install latest drivers (from the AMD page) and all the chipset windows drivers?

  2. installed all latest drivers and intel chipset drivers, same problem, removed second card and problems went away, so i think second card not any gd?
  3. Second audio card? There's the integrated one and the second one... Was it the Audio from the video card or another physical card?

  4. it was a second radeon 5770, using onboard audio from mobo
  5. Good to know actually... Maybe there's a problem with the windows drivers for the second video card's integrated audio.

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