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In particular, I am looking at the Logisys CLK15WT 15" White Deluxe Sound Activated CCFL Kit. From what I've been reading, the light is supposed to pulse when it "hears" a sound from an outside source. Is there a cold cathode light that is activated by sound that could connect to the mobo or some other device that wouldn't need an outside source of sound? I would like for the light to pulse when I have my headset on and don't understand if the kit I'm looking at will do that.
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  1. It's CCFL kit, are you sure you want it to pulse like a LED kit? It's life would really get killed within the first day if it was to pulse to a beat.
    Yes, the kit does do it, but you must remember it takes time to build that charge to light up the CCFL and will not get the same feel for it like you might get with lights dimming and getting brighter with the beats on a LED Kit.
  2. I honestly don't know much about CCFL kits. I've heard about them and I've looked at some youtube vids a long time ago with them pulsing to music. I assumed they were normally like that (the pulsing). I'm just wanting a light that will pulse with sound that is in sync with sound that would come through headphones. I don't know if there's a third party software involved with the videos that I've seen :S I'll look at LED kits in the mean time, but I'd like your suggestions about the situation, if you don't mind :) thanks for the reply!
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