GTX 550 Ti Bottle necking?

So I've been getting alot of people I know saying that I might bottle neck when I play games with my new GTX 550Ti. My question is will I playing Crysis 2 on high and such and/or main-steam FPS games like it.

My Specs:
4GB DDR3 1600 RAM
AMD Phenom X2 @ 3.2GHz w/ 6MB l3 Cache, 1MB L2 Cache
500 Watt PSU
250 GB 7.2k RPM HDD
2 Heat sinks, 4 Stock fans

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  1. What resolution are you using?
  2. I would perferr 1280x720 but I am currently have an obscure-ish screen so I'm running 1280x1024
  3. At that resolution the CPU is going to be the limiting factor.
  4. What would be a reasonable CPU Upgrade then?
  5. Get a better monitor first, then worry about the CPU.
  6. Recommended Resolution?
  7. 1920 x 1080, you can always turn the res down if need be but chances are you won't have to.
  8. Upgrade Monitor.

    CPU is so-so, try unlocking cores then try or overclocking if you can't.

    That CPU at a good OC (4.0GHz shouldn't be too hard) or unlocked to a quad core shouldn't bottleneck you at 1920x1080 (or even 1680x1050) in most games (some need more than a dual core).

    The GTX 550 Ti is alright, but will bottleneck that rig on a decent resolution.

    Feel free to post any ideas for parts you're interested in getting.
  9. Can your board unlock cpu cores? Does it have acc?
    You might be able to "upgrade" your cpu by simply unlocking a cpu core or two and then testing it with some benchmarks to make sure the unlocked core/cores are stable.

    Most phenomII x2's unlocked to a tri-core, and a few to a quad core, usually you need to bump the voltage up a bit and have a good cooler.
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