Odd clicking noise coming from left laptop speaker

Hi there. Bit of an odd problem. I have a Samsung X460 - the fan started making a horrible noise so I took it apart and replaced it. Put it back together and all was fine, until I started watching a movie. A few minutes in a strange popping, clicking sound started. It's a bit like the sound you get when you plug a mic or something in, but a bit different, and is repeated several times a second. It comes on just after start up - starts off slower for a second and then speeds up.

I've taken a (not very good) video of it - perhaps that's the best way to explain it. It's at http://youtu.be/FkKoR8fwA-4

Funny thing is, it only seems to be coming out of the left speaker and not the right. It doesn't play through headphones at all. Lastly, I can get sound fine through the headphones but not the speakers - only that clicking sound.

It's almost like the speaker is amplifying some working of the computer. Do you think it could be a loose cable or something, considering I just took the laptop apart?

I'd be really grateful for some help, really not sure what to do apart from take it apart again and check all the connections - something I'd rather avoid unless I'm looking for something!

Thanks in advance...
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  1. It's your speaker for sure.
    Still on warranty? If yes then return it to get repaired...
  2. Nope, definitely out on warranty. Is it the speaker, or the soundcard?
  3. And how can you be sure it's the speaker?
  4. You've said that:
    "I can get sound fine through the headphones but not the speakers - only that clicking sound."
    So the sound is fine when you are using headphones, right? So it's the speaker and not the soundcard...
  5. What do you think is causing it? It seems to spin up at the beginning before reaching its steady crescendo...speakers were working fine until I took the laptop apart, could it be a loose connection or some PC function being amplified somehow?
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