How long will GTX580 last on the market?

Hello fellow THers! I am new to the TH forum!

I am planning to purchase a single GTX580 because that is all I need for now. However, I am considering purchasing another one (for SLI) later down the road after the price goes down. How long do you think it would take for price of GTX580 to go down to $100-300 range? I do not want to wait for too long when the card goes off the market. For example, I cannot find most of the GTX200 series on Newegg...they only have a few GTX260 in stock. How long do you think the GTX580 will remain on the market?

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  1. maybe as soon as the next series are coming out. and maybe it will be all disappeared before it can reach $300. if you can find it in retail for $100 i'm sure the top end card already 3-4 times faster (maybe even more) than the card which i believe having GTX580 in SLI by that time is not a good choice.

    in the past the formula 'add another when the price going down after a year of two' are still fine but right now i don't think so. towards the end of year many people are expecting AMD will release the next series. if everything goes well on their side their next single flagship might be as fast as GTX580 in SLI
  2. well consider 8800 gts that once cost 3-400 dollars a piece and now in sli are maybe as powerful as a 180 dollar gtx 460? in this case it took a few years but the gtx 580 has already been out for awhile, my 2 cents

    Your going to be waiting a long time still if you are holding out for the next generation, maybe pick up something like a gtx 560ti/6950, so that way you will not be spending too much and then wait for the next gen... the gtx 580 is a premium price product and a great gpu but price/performance wise it is not that great a 6950 or gtx 560ti will easily handle 1080p gaming until next gen arrives.
  3. $100-300? For a 580? Probably never unless you buy used.

    My 5850s that I bought for $300 new are now $150-$200 or so, I doubt 580s will be much below $400 before they're off the market.

    But really nobody can say for sure what will happen.
  4. Thank you for the replies!

    I would like to have a GPU setup that will last me for a few years or so. Seeing that PC graphics in games are sort of at a standstill nowadays, should I just purchase two GTX-560 instead of a single GTX-580? Two GTX-560 Ti and single GTX-580 will both run at around $500.

    Do you think Dual SLI 580 is better alternative to single 580? How does SLI 580 perform against single 580?

    FYI, my new build will probably have i7 970 processor, 12 gb ram, and ASUS Rampage III Formula motherboard. I will run games on a single monitor around 1920x1080 resolution.
  5. if I were in your shoes, I'd go with 2 560tis they are are a great value in sli for the money, if you are gaming at 1080p or less they should last for a good while
  6. single 580 would be enough to game for a long time, but two 560 Tis in SLI are going to be more powerful. Your choice. Either way you'll max out games at 1080p.
  7. i suggest you 2x 69502gbs )unlocked)
  8. I actually started considering 2 x Radeon 6950 (1 gb each). How much power will that 6950 dual crossfire require? Does Radeon have a page that shows you the crossfire PSU requirements for different models?
  9. I would say at least a good 750 watt for comfort although they can probably run off of less
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