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Asus versus intel motherboards

Please respond.

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    you providing us a very very HUGE amount of info.
    There's TONS of INTEL and ASUS motherboard out there... So which one do you want to compare?
  2. ^ Agreed.

    In general though, Intel doesn't OC well and overall speeds aren't up to par. I'd choose Asus over Intel 99% of the time, provided you're looking at the same specs and pricing isn't too big of a hassle.
  3. I just can say this:

    Intel makes wonderful CPUs :D
  4. They're pretty equally matched...if you use them as frisbees :P
  5. Which should i buy if overclocking and pricing is not an issue.

    DH61WW OR P8H61-M LX?

    which should be more durable?
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