Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3

I have a problem with this MB. It won't start, there's no picture on the just shows number 22 on that little led screen in the right corner. I tried with couple of CPUs i3, i5,.... What should i do?
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  1. The Debug codes don't list a '22' so my best guess is memory, but Z68's (pre-Z77) won't post with the newer IB CPU's until the BIOS is updated.

    Q - What CPU(s)?
    Q - What BIOS version? ; it should be printed on the box by the S/N or ... on the backside of the MOBO
    Q - What RAM and in what DIMM slots? ; please provide a link to all RAM

    Q - What if any Q-LED lights are staying on? ; see 2-21 of your manual.
  2. I've tried with i3 and i5...i don't know about bios, box is lost, and sticker is off...RAM wildstor ddr3 1333 2gb
  3. My guess is that if I flash bios to newer version, will be fine, but I can't do that, 'cause it's black screen.
  4. Again, what EXACT i3 & i5 models (I need to know if they're Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge)? Clearly my point before is IF they're Ivy Bridge then you might be SOL and need a Sandy Bridge CPU in order to post; donor CPU, RMA or PC Repair Shop.
  5. Sorry pall, it was sandy bridge...
  6. Well that's 1/2 of 1/4th (1/8th) the questions I've asked.

    My recommendation for you is to take the components to a PC shop and let them get it up and running. Here I cannot 'see' or 'guess' what components you have to begin to help you.

    You can try booting with (1) one stick of RAM, failure swap out the other (1) stick of RAM.

    CPU: | -- | RAM | -- | -- |

    Good Luck! :)
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