Confused about Temperature readings

Having a little problem here with my first build.

Speedfan is saying that my CPU is at 87 degrees C and my AUX is at 67 degrees C with everything else being under 30.

I then downloaded Speccy and that is showing my CPU at below 30 degrees C and my motherboard at 82 degrees C.

I thought this was very weird so I restarted and went to the BIOS menu. It says my CPU is 35 and my MB is 27 degrees C.

Should I be worried? Is the BIOS the correct reading? Thanks in advance to whoever can help me.

CPU: I5 2500k
MB: ASUS p8p67
Graphics: gtx 560 ti
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  1. Get rid of Speed Fan, The utility sucks big time.
  2. Try RealTemp or CoreTemp. They are better application to show temperature readings.
  3. You could use the Asus Utilities itself to setup the fan speeds and monitor the temps all over. Why would you want to use speed fan?
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