GTX 570 6 Pin Connectors.

Hi there,

My GTX 570 came with two 6 pin-to-molex connectors.

My 750W HX Corsair PSU however came package with two 6pin-to-6pin connectors.

Would it matter if I used those instead of the Molex connectors the Graphics Card came with? Would it make any difference whatsoever?

Also, the 6 pin-molex connectors the GTX 570 came with have 6pin on one side (to plug into the card), and then two molex connectors coming out the other end. If I used the 6pin-molex connectors would I have plug all 4 of the molex connectors or just one molex from each 6pin-to-molex connector?
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  1. The two 6 pin-to-molex connectors are supplied just in case your power supply does not have two 6 pin connectors itself. Since your power supply did come with the two 6-pin connectors, you do not need to use the molex adapters.

    -Wolf sends
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