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I need to connect two Windows 2003 servers in different locations over internet, and let them share their resources. I don't know how to do so that I could mount the hard drive from one server to another server, as if they were in a local LAN.

Any hints to shoot this problem are welcome.


P.S.: The servers are protected by firewall, and only TCP ports 80 and 443 are opened. Should I need to open more port(s)?
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  1. you could create a vpn. i wont explain here becuase theres billions of websites that explain it. if you just need to occasionaly transfer files, ftp might be somthing you would want.

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  2. If you want to mount hds over the internet you will need a vpn. A vpn will make them appear as though they are on the same network. I'm assuming these servers are probably part of a decently sized network on both ends. You will probably want to make a PPTP VPN between the 2 sites, that will make it transparent to the machines on the network. There are many hardware appliances out there that will do it. Whether you go for them or not would depend on your budget. The best out there would probably have to be Cisco PIX firewalls but you will need a pretty big budget for that. VPN routers from linksys and netgear are fairly good and a bit cheaper though I cannot remember off hand whether they can do PPTP or not. The cheapest solution (and still pretty damned good) would be a linux router. ClarkConnect office edition is a linux distro for office/corprate use that is very cheap and has many helpful services including PPTP vpn. Just put that on a computer on both sites and connect make the vpn between them.

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  3. Firstly, thanks all of you for helping me. I have tried the PPTP VPN connection between the servers, and they work exactly what I want. However, I do have one more question. How to start the VPN connection automatically as the server (act as a client) boot up?

    Thanks again,
    Athens Yan.
  4. hm... what about adding a shortcut to the connection to startup (in the start menu)? that is sort of gheto but it might work.
    That may or may not be possible depending on what you are using to make the connection. What app are you using? or are you using windows?

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  5. Hi Folken,

    I make one of the servers as the 'cold' standby for my primary server, so that I could move the most updated data and program files to that standby server from time to time when something has been updated. Therefore, I need an always-on connection between the servers in order to reduce human intervention.

    I would tried your suggestion and tell you the result later.

    Athens Yan.
  6. Hi Folken,

    Your suggestion is not workable. However, I get the job done as follows:

    1. On Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Routing and Remote Access, Create a 'New Demand-dial interface' (using VPN connection) in the section 'Routing Interface' (Note: The server must be set as a 'Router' with 'LAN and demand-dial routing' option selected)

    2. Then, in the 'IP Routing' section, create a 'New static route' for 'Static Routes'. Since the private IP of my standby server is, so the destination ip of the static route is, and network mask is

    After that, my primary server could build a VPN connection to the standby server as it is boot up.

    Ok, my problem is solved completely and thanks to all you guys helping me.

    Athens Yan.
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