Is this startup screen a MB foult?


sorry if wrong section. And sorry if my english isn't very good.

So 1day my win7 screen freezed few times but after forced restarts it was ok until last time.. Last time (3rd) when i force restarted 1st bootscreen was ok but next was with random 0000 everyvhere.. Even in bios manu i see dots everywhere.. I was able to get to safemode but after i tried to instal winxp on clean 2nd HDD it was finish.. now i even cant turn on safemode no matter what i do. I even disconected all hdd except original win7 hdd and still nothing.. here is link to pictures taken by phone.

When i was in safemode i wasnt able to use my monitor native 2560x1600 res but only 2048 x smthing. So at first i thoght its videocard but it cant be since i see gliches in bios. Any ideas?

P.S. I tried memtesting ram. Took out swiched in different positions removed etc. no difference. Took out videocard put in other PCIex slot no difference. Blow out all dust with caned air and cleaned all computer, mb etc. no difference...

My bet is that its MB foult. I want to buy but maybe some1 of you have smthing simmilar and can confirm my thoght..


p5e asus mb
8800gt videocard
6gb ram
win7 64bit

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  1. Link to images :

    i cant edit my thread thats why i posted here..
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