GTX 460 vs HD 6850

Edit: so now my question is, which is better between the two,
GTX 460 or the HD 6850. Is the 6970 better than both? I may overclock depending on how hard it is.

So now that the 5850s are sold out everywhere, will they ever be restocked?

Need to know whether I should wait or just get a 6850 for my bugdet build.

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  1. I don't think it will be in stock any time soon if ever. I suggest skipping the 6850 and go straight for the 6870.
  2. or even a 6870
  3. The 6870 is you best choice in this case,and it's not much more expencive than the 5850.
  4. Doesn't the 6870 take up 2 slots on the mobo?
    I'd like to utilize CF in the future and the mobo I'm planning to get only has 2 slots for a GPU...
  5. The 5850 also takes up two slots.Almost every "powerful" card today takes u two slots.
  6. the 5850 is a clearence model, if they are out of stock then they will not likelty replenish them.
  7. here's a 5750 for under a hundred bucks shipped.. pretty sick deal for the performance
  8. ^^ Good deal but I have a bit more to spend, like $170ish
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