Intelligent Energy Saver problems in Z77

i'm using ASrock Z77 extreme4 with a intel 3550 for last 1 week..just today i went to the bios and set everything to when stressing the cpu with IBT temps are reaching 67C with CM hyper EVO..i went to AXTU and i saw Vcore is 1.4/1.2 and when i turned IES off it returned to .998...

i've manually set:
VCCSA ----- 0.925
VTT --------- 1.076
CPU PLL---- 1.783
CPU PCH--- 1.059
Vcore------- 0.940

they fluctuate over time

My question is how do i turn off IES permanently?
...i turned it off once..but when i restarted it was turned on
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  1. are the above voltage settings okay...which temps should be fine???
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