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Hello, I have recently switched network adapters for my newly-built computer, great connection but, I cannot ping. I can ping any website or localhost. I cannot ping my router though. Any ideas?

Some reason mark is not working on Command Prompt but, basically it's the normal deal. Everything checks out normal besides the fact I cannot ping my router.
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  1. are you pinging the public or local IP?
  2. Local I can ping ( or local host, right?) and then public I cannot (
  3. is a local IP

    public is the IP that your ISP will assign to your WAN port of your router
  4. Thought so, that is the one that isn't pinging though, I am trying to create a server for a game of mine but I cannot port foward without a ping.
  5. is the local IP for your server?
  6. No. It's my ip from whatsmyip first I need to port forward though
  7. Firstly, you need to have the Server on a machine that Has a permanent IP.... that means you dedicate an IP in the Routers Subnet, say like Assign that IP to your rig.
    Open the Routers configuration page by typing in in your browser.
    It would have been a great help to know which router you're using but in anycase most of them have the same layout.
    Then you need to find a page in the setting which says virtual servers or ports
    There you need to dedicate the PORT and IP to your game name or anything so you remember that's the port for the game.
    If you have a Firewall, then you need to dedicate that port and assign it as open in all the firewalls. ie , windows, router, and ISP router.....
  8. @alyoshka I cannot access the router without the ping. That's the issue I'm having because, I am trying to setup the server but, am unable to due to the no pinging issue
  9. The router needs to be connected to a rig that can see it firstly. In your case you cannot see it but you can see what all it beyond the router, meaning website the net etc.
    Am I right?
    What I'd like you to do is traceroute to Yahoo.com and post the screenshot here.
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