How do i move external drive to my computer from printers and devices

Some of my external drive find on the PC... Windows 7 and other external drives don't.. Those shows up in the printer and devices.. How do I get them to work as a letter drive in my computer....I have bought 2 floppy drives and don't work either... everything works on my laptop.... Just so much trouble to hook everything up..... Please I need some help..Everything worked fine 2 months ago....
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  1. Just ensure that these External HDDs have a Drive Letter assigned in Disk Management (Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management). If there's no Drive Letter assigned, you may assign one (like D: or E: or Y: etc)
  2. Some of the external drives are showing up in the printer-devices....How do I get those to show up on my computer ??? I have right clicked and it says troubleshoot and etc. Just don't know why they worked fine in the pass and not now.... My external drive always comes with a yellow icon.... I need it more than anything...I bought 2 news ones and it does the same.... I am trying to get rid of all of the floppy's to my pc and also the imogea zip drives.... I hope U can help...
  3. I meant that the floppy-zip shows up with the yellow icon... I have uninstalled and everything else...
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