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Confused: GTX470, Zalman vf3000f and MSI Afterburner

So I purchased the zalman vf3000f cooler for my asus gtx470 card. Since it comes with an external fan controller, I turned it up 100%. Now it seems my MSI Afterburner profile doesn't function? With the stock fan it used to control the fan speed, based on my settings. Now it seems no matter what settings I apply, the fan does not change speed. Does MSI Afterburner work with these coolers?
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  1. If you are using an external manual control for fan speed, and it is no longer connected to the card for power and speed settings, software is not going to control it from within windows. I'm not sure why you would expect it to.
  2. The controller is connected to the card and motherboard.
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    It's generally only connected to the motherboard for power, the lines that control speed go to the knob. There might be some way to modify it if you're good with electronics, but otherwise you just have to adjust it yourself. I have the same thing with my Scythe Setsugens, although I plugged their power end into a fan controller instead of the mobo so I can adjust all my cooling fans from the front of my case.

    But anyway the only way for it to be controlled VIA afterburner would be if the power wires plug into the card at the same spot the default cooler did, with the same wires and everything. Again, possibly can be done with a mod.
  4. Good info. Thanks!
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