Unable to connect 5.1 Home Theatre to PC

I have a very old 5.1 System (Cant even find the name). It has a Sub-Woofer, A Volume Control unit, and 5 speakers.

Now the Volume control unit has 5 slot for speakers, 1 for Power, 1 for sub-woofer.
The only 1 that remains is Audio-in (S-video) with 6 RCA on the other side.

I dont have SPDIF but I am making a new rig in 10 days, which will have SPDIF.

Can I connect this to my Pc using some Converter? :sweat:
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  1. You can use several RCA to TRS converter cables to make the connection. to your HT system RCA carries one audio channel per wire, TRS carries two.

    For example: The green TRS output from a soundcard is the front stereo, or the Red and White plugs for RCA.
  2. Will these do?

    And How many converters i need?
  3. Oh wait they are 1/4, I need 1/8 (Correction)

    And which 2 wires do i need to use on the convertor.

    And are you taking about my new pc with SPDIF?
  4. If you have SPDIF, you can go that route for simplicity. Just be aware that SPDIF can only carry 5.1 in the case of Dolby/DTS signals.

    Alternativly, you could go the RCA to TRS route with something like this:


    Where each speaker pair would be converted through one of these cables.
  5. But the S-video wire has 6 coloured pins = 3 convertors, and there is only 1 Green TRS output in my Mobo
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