Which motherboard?????????????????

HELLO GUYZ, i have a simple question for you all ......... i want to know if there is any other way of knowing which motherboard we have just by seeing the motherboard and not even seeing the processor or the BIOS. a little help would be good too........... :s
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  1. The model and manufacturer is written somewhere on the motherboard itself. There are also some software that you can use like CPUZ or AIDA64
  2. well i dont like to download softwares unless necessary and there is a steel plate attached to the back of the board so cant see the model
  3. CPUZ is very small (less than 10MB if I'm not mistaken) and free so it would be the faster choice. Anyway the model should be on the front side where the components are. Example: http://www.poeartry-combo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/2.jpg
    Open that image. To the left of the CPU socket you will notice the brand (Gigabyte) and the model (PG7X). They are sometimes located near the RAM slots or the PCI slots. You just have to search
  4. Run Speccy @ http://www.filehippo.com/download_speccy/ and post the findings : )
  5. hey akxpckwb i have dell boards so they dont have model number written on them usually (because they buy boards from intel) so i have the model list for intel and i have the list which also tells what parts are in which model and i will match it with dells boards .....................................hows my idea?
  6. Oh it's OEM. In that case if you know the computer model (HP pavilion for instance) you can go to the manufacturer's website and it will probably be there.
    Your idea to cross reference lists could work too I think
  7. thx ........ i am sure it will work :)
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