when I start/on my computer, computer is running on but no display on the monitor. A lot of try through on & off the power button, suddenly beep the speaker and bios and boot menu appears. If I select the hard disk boot then computer is OK and display is also OK but any way if computer is restarted then same problem is shown. But if I select other boots then also the same problem is shown. My mother board Intel DG41RQ.

please give me a solution to recover this problem.

bipul roy
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    When you are able to get a good POST (Power On Self Test - single beep), do you always have to go into BIOS? Is the clock correct in BIOS or do you have to set it constantly? If the clock in BIOS is incorrect, you will need to replace your CMOS battery (the little watch battery on the motherboard). If it is something else, a little more info about your system might help... CPU, GPU, PSU etc...
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