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Hey, so recently i put together a comp using my old HDD, CD-DVD Drive, CPU, and PSU. I bought a new Mobo, GPU, Ram, and case. Anyway i was messing with the CMOS because it wouldn't turn on, so i was resetting it(once or twice) and when it turns on now, the computer directs me to the system repair page. It gives me the option to go repair the system or start windows normally, but the arrow keys don't work on this page. They work on the system repair's next page however. So i got out my Win7 disk preparing to reinstall, but after i put it in it directs it to the same page still. Help? I'd prefer to keep the files on my HDD if i could, but i'd rather just get the comp working, thanks!
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  1. You need to backup all the files you want to keep and do a complete re-install on your HDD.

    This is because you changed alot of very important hardware in your upgrade, your Windows install is unable to properly use the new motherboard.

    Invest in a new HDD to use as storage, this will save you trouble and time in the future, it's also safer and typically faster to store your various data on a separate HDD.
  2. I don't mind losing the files anymore, just some videos and music which is mostly on my laptop too, but i'm trying to run a DBAN so i can do a fresh install of Windows, but the comp doesn't run the CD by default. Is there a way to run it from the command prompt?
  3. Go into the bios and change the boot order. make the CD/DVD first, then the hard drive.
  4. Is there a way to enter BIOS in the command prompt ;\?
  5. No, it usually a key press like F2, or delete. You should se it as an option when the computer first boots up, before loading windows.

    For example:
    F2 - Setup
  6. It doesn't do anything besides go straight to the system repair screen, i looked in the manual and it says del for BIOS but when i do hit DEL/hold for a sec or two, it only briefly flashes what seems to be bios and then it goes straight to the system repair menu
  7. Please list the make & model of your motherboard.
  8. GIGABYTE GA-990XA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990X SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
  9. Yes, it should be the delete key to enter the bios. press it as soon as you see the logo screen unless of course you disabled the logo screen from within the bios.

    If your motherboard manual is the same as the online version, see chapter "2-5 Advanced BIOS features" on pages 42-43. Look for these settings:

    first boot device
    hard disk boot priority

    You should only need to change the "first boot deive" setting.
  10. Well the problem now is getting into BIOS. I hit the delete key and it shows BIOS for four seconds at it's good times, but then it goes straight to system repair. ;\
  11. Well, if you are familiar with your bios settings, you can try a reset of the bios and see if that works. After resetting it, if you are able to get into the bios, use the load optimized defaults, after which you can reset any setting you may have changed previously.

    See you manual on how to reset the bios. Normally, you just short two pins on the motherboard. Some newer boards actually have a reset button.
  12. Alright i'll try that, i shorted the pins last night because there was a different problem but i was just an idiot, so hopefully itll fix it
  13. It worked ;D thanks so much!
  14. Awesome, glad that worked for you!!!
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