Z68 vs Z77

Hello all,

i have few questions about this.

i searched and red reviews but am now even more confused

1. do i have to flash z68 mb so that i get full functionality of ivy bridge when i buy IB cpu?

2. z68 has pcie 3.0 so why are reviews talking about z68 not having pcie 3.0?

i am talking about this motherboard

3. also is this board 16x 16x ? msi has really confusing numbering on their webpage

thank you
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  1. #1. Yes.

    #2. Its useless talk anyway. Only some mobos have the 3.0, not all by any means.
  2. 3. Its not running x16/x16
  3. i know it, but its not written whether its 16/4 or 16/8 that would translate into 8/8 if 2 cards were inserted

    thank you
  4. I know, its to cheap. I have checked the manual and it is x16/4.
  5. If single slot is used x16 is with both.

    If 2 slots are used, the second is only x4.

    2 PCIe 2.0 x16 slots (PCI_E4 slot supports up to x4 speed.)
  6. well thank you. i am thinking about either gtx 690 or 7990 but additional card would probably be just gtx 670 or 7950, as 3rd cgpu usually dont get to be used that much. so i have to look now for 16/8. sad that msi has such chaos in description of their motherboards. msi version of gtx 690 in my country is 36 eur cheaper than gigabyte i would otherwise choose.

    thank you for information
  7. Its not really chaos,

    they just don't wont to advertise the real numbers on low end model : )
  8. BTW, whats your CPU?
  9. well as this will be a new pc, i intend to go next year with haswell equiualent of i3770 (i never overclock) and i will disable HT so that gaming is better as the bigger cache of i3770 equiualent helps the 4 or 6 cores haswell will have. since we know not much about hasswell and there will be for sure new chipset, i am trying to learn things in general about z68 vs z77 as to get better understanding.

    but if i understand correctly if mb has 16/8/4 it means with 3 cards, first 2 run at 8 and third runs at 4?

    thank you
  10. "but if i understand correctly if mb has 16/8/4 it means with 3 cards, first 2 run at 8 and third runs at 4?"

    Yesbyt that is no good for gaming with more GPU's.
  11. If u want 3 cards, than go to x79 socket 2011.

    These mobos have best capability tor 3-4 cards.
  12. i thought about gtx 690 and later with additional gtx 670, or 7990 and 7950 or 7970 as 3 gpu is most games can really utilize. so i actually want just 2 cards, even otugh with 3 gpu. i got to that 16/8/4 motherboard because of price in catalog of my local retail pc online shop.

    i am also looking now at http://www.msi.com/product/mb/Z77A-G45.html but again its really confusing as to whether first 2 pcie 3.0 are 16/8 or 16/4 ...
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