PCIe x4 good enough for HD 5770?

I've got an unusual system with an x8 and x4 PCIe slot. My HD 5770 is working fine in the x8 slot, but its double width blocks the slot I want to stick a sound card in.

Should I swap my dual slot 5770 for a single slot 5670 or move the 5770 to the PCIe x4 slot and take a hit on bus bandwidth?

Put another way, will an HD 5770 be noticeably throttled by an x4 bus?
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  1. You'll definitely see a notable performance hit by moving from x8 to x4
  2. Thanks.

    Lets ask the question a different way. What ATI card would be well matched with a 4x PCIe slot?
  3. To make it easy, every graphics card will see a performance drop from 8x to 4x. If it were 16x to 8x, it wouldn't be as noticeable. Basically, the 5770 will see a drop in performance. Depending on how you require it, it may be more or less noticeable.
  4. Tom knows the answer, as usual:

    This isn't exactly the same video card, but its awful close. At 4x I'd lose about 4% of performance, which is less loss than expected. At 1x there's a more noticeable 24% hit.
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    Is that a 1.x or 2.x slot? If it's 1.x it'll be more like the x1 card in that comparison.
  6. I would think a 5770 on a 4x slot would still be better than a 5670 on an 8x slot.
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