BF3 - Upgrade CPU/Motherboard?

Hello All,

I'm looking to play BF3 - not a 'hard core' gamer but definitely would like decent performance - wanted to know if my existing CPU/motherboard would be adequate so all I would need would be a GPU upgrade:

Q6600 running at stock 2.4
ABit IP35 Pro mobo
4gb ram

If I upgraded, I was thinking along the lines of i5-2500k, Z68 extreme4, 8gb ram, and a 6950 GPU.

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  1. Ur cpu isn't the cutting edge, but can give some juice yet. Of course a i5-2500k would give you much better usability.

    My opinion: Upgrade ur VGA, fast (faster if it's one of the old 8800gts 320/640 Mem)
    And wait the iminent launch of ivy bridge.
    Anyway, you could always change the VGA, try it and if not satisfied yet, exchange the CPU too. (since it looks you have the money to do it)
  2. Hi. i think your rigs fine to play bf3 without any problem.
    i would buy the game and try it first before shelling out on any new parts.
    just update all you drivers first.
    and enjoy.
  3. I say you should OC your CPU and try to get at least 3.0Ghz which should be good enough for BF3. As for the GPU Go with a 6950 and save to upgrade the rest of your system. You've waited this long so you may as well go for Ivy Bridge which is to come out in a few months.
  4. dirtyferret said:
    1. your CPU is fine for BF3, it is not a CPU demanding game (see the chart) any decent CPU will run it with ease. OC your CPU can help out in other games.
    2. 4GB of RAM is plkenty for gaming , adding more RAM won't increase gaming performance but DDR3 RAM is cheap so its your financial call.
    3. BF3 is graphically demanding so upgrading would give you the best increase in game performance.
    graphic review

    I have found that BF3 is indeed CPU demanding. These results only apply to the single-player mode of BF3. Results are very different in multiplayer mode.

    Some large multiplayer maps are bottlenecked by the CPU and it's quite noticable. I'm looking to upgrade to the i5-2500K as well.

    My specs:

    AMD Phenom X4 810
    NVidia GTX 560ti
    8 GB ram
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