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I have p8z77-v deluxe MB with corei7-3770K chip and 16Gb RAM. Installed all the updated drivers from asus web site. When go to the intel graphics module, under the multi-display options, only single display option exists. I was recently playing with new dell laptop, and went to the same menu, and it had other options for multi-display fromat (extended....). Mine only has one display option. Now, I only have 1 dispaly connected so far, but do I need to connect other monitors to see those options?

I did enable multi-disply in the BIOS, rebooted, but that did not change anything.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much


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  1. yes, you need two displays connected to "enable" it in windows.
  2. OK. Thanks a lot.

    I have HDMI (in use) and DP outputs. Do I need active DP adapter to use it at all(looks like passive cable has no signal when I connect to the second monitor)?
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