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Hi, can anyone tell me which processor is faster,

Celeron B800 1.5 Ghz 2m L3 cache chipset HM65 express

Pentium T4400 2.2 Ghz 1m L2 cache chipset GL40 express

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  1. Faster for frequency: Pentium T4400
    Better for features: Celeron B800
  2. All in all I say the Celeron...you have 2mb L3 and 15 bus/core ratio.
  3. The Celeron is based on Sandy Bridge. A newer, faster design than Core 2 per clock.

    The Pentium is based on Core 2, but has a higher clock speed.

    I would say the Celeron is at least 30% faster per clock than the pentium, and most likely it's faster than that. I would go with the Celeron for lower power consumption and better features.
  4. The Intel® Pentium® T4400 uses the same microarchitecture as the Intel Core™ 2 Duo processors. The Intel Celeron® B800 is using the same microarchitecture as the 2nd generation Intel Core processors. Going to from the Intel Core 2 duo to the 1st generation Intel Core processors you would expect to see a about a 15% to 20% performance increase in performance at the same speed. Then from the 1st generation Intel Core processors to the 2nd generation Intel Core processors would give you around another 10% to 15% bring the performance up on the Intel Celeron B800 to around 2.07GHz at the maximum in closest performance to the older microarchitecture. So while they are close the Intel Pentium T4400 should still be outperforming the newer Intel Celeron B800. Now as Haserath stated there is more to this then just the performance of the processor then how fast they run the application. To see better how these two processors stack up against each other you can go to http://ark.intel.com/compare/40739,59570

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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