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Hey guys i have a computer that has a bad motherboard inside it, I came to this conclusion when the whole computer would not even boot and the cpu fan just twitched so i then proceeded to test the system with another psu that i had that i knew to be reliable and still nothing theres no lights on the board or anything so ive come to the conclusion it must be a bad board
The bad board is an: GA-G31M-ES2L
I can upload a picture if needed.

Im going to replace it with an: ASRock 775 G31M-GS R2.0 Motherboard Intel Socket M-ATX 1333FSB

Will this work? If not howcome?
IS there anythings i have to watch out for when changing the motherboard?
Will i have to reinstall windows?
Last but not least its going to be used for a cctv system so is the board reliable enough to be used that way 24/7?

Sorry for all of the questions guys
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  1. I don't see why it wouldn't work. Bear in mind that the ES2L supports faster memory sticks (your G31M-GS R2.0 only supports 800mhz or 667mhz).

    There are many tutorials and videos on how to change motherboards but personally I think anyone can do it easily without prior knowledge of hardware. Just keep the motherboard manual at hand and have some patience.
    It is recommended that you reinstall everything to avoid possible errors but you could just change the motherboard and see how it goes.

    No idea about the cctv thing tho
  2. Yeah im confident in moving the motherboard over :P
  3. The first thing you will do is reinstall the chip set drivers. The issues may be that windows will not be able to find the board devices. If you are using Win7, the OS boot system may not recognize the new HDD devices at all. Also you will need to reactivate windows as a new MB is seen as a new computer. In Win7 you may have to call MS and try to get them to give you a new key (if you installed an OEM version). At the least I would update all my drivers (sound, video, printers, etc.) once things are running.
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