Cant get power without memok button

Hi, im looking for some help with tihs new build. Its got a 680 watt PSU, core if 3570k Asus P8z77-v and 2x4gb corasir vengance 1600mhz. So my problem is that i cant get power to the computer from the cas power switch. Im 100% sure i have it plugged in correctly. The strange thing is i can get power if i use the memok button on the mobo.

The memok button powers on everything for a few seconds. The fans spin and the LEDS light up. I cant get a visual on a monitor though.

Not sure if this is allowed but would aprreciate email answer as i might not be able to check this forum.

Please do not post your @mail or other personal info (that way u are helping to spread the spam), u will be automatically notified in your email when someone post a fresh line in your thread.

Thanx : )

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  1. PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about POST/boot/no video problems!
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