Does asus m2n68 am plus support nvidia 8600 gt

almost a year ago, i have been using my built in video card that is nvidia geforce 7025/nforce 630 a . I have been planning to buy an nvidia 8600gt video card, but i dont know if its compatible with my m2n68 am plus motherboard.

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  1. Yes it will be compatible.

    My question is to why you are buying that card? There are far more modern cards that can be bought at a budget price that will give far better performance for the price.
  2. Yes it would. But don't get it. ts an old card.
  3. This card is new, has better specs, free shipping and is $25 after rebate.
  4. thanks for all the help, guys. It's been a year already since I posted this thread.
    Got a lot of upgrades on my rig now. Got an 8500gt, 9400gt, gt 430, and planning to buy a new one this year. Same old cpu but overclocked at 3.07hgz. Got 4gb of ram now. And some performance-enhancing software to boost my rig. Also planning to buy anpther HDD, because my currrent hdd is almost out of storage space, 2 4GB DDR2 memories, and lastly, a better psu.
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