Motherboard won't recognize USB

if my motherboard won't recognize my flash drive in the boot sequence, would this indicate anything?
I needed to update my motherboard drivers cus my keyboard and mouse won't work once windows boots up on my computer, keyboard does however works on my BIOS menu.

any and all help useful.
link to my other thread about my entire computer:
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  1. any advice? comments? help?
  2. Try this:
    First, you do have USB enabled in the BIOS? For the keyboard?

    If so, get a PS2 keyboard and use it in windows to uninstall and reinstall your USB drivers.
  3. yeah i have enabled all USB settings in my BIOS.

    the ps2 keyboard won't work either, it does work in the BIOS menu but stops working once it gets to the "Start Windows Normally"
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