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Hello, I have disabled cores in my i7 cpu (running on an Asus p6X58D with Win7) so I could play an older PC game. I did this in the bios, selecting 1 core rather than 2 or all. So far so good.

But, game finished, I went back into the bios and selected all cores. No probs. But running core temp showed only 1 core. Msconfig-boot-adv options only shows 1 processor. But device manager shows all 8 cores present.

I have updated to latest bios, uninstalled all cores in dev manager, to reinstall at boot, but still I can see only 1 core present and working.

Is there a registry setting that I could check? I seem to have tried most of the things suggested in forums.

Many thanks!
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  1. Download cpu-z to see how many thread/cores are arctive.
  2. check device manager again. see if all the cores are there.

    also try resetting your cmos.
  3. zooted said:
    Download cpu-z to see how many thread/cores are arctive.

    Just downloaded cpu-z - shows 1 core, 1 thread only. Device manager still shows 8 cores.
  4. PS - as I have flashed the bios to update it, I didnt bother resetting the cmos. Do I still need to do that?
  5. i would try the cmos reset jumper on the motherboard.
  6. ^agreed
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