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Hello, I bought this laptop used and I'm trying to hook to the internet using a wireless router. The name of my router is netgear. I need the security key in order to connect to a wireless connection. How do I get the security key? My router has a password and user name on the bottom but I need a security key.
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  1. At the Netgear's login page, admin will usually be the login with either admin or password as the password.

    If you're in, seek out Wireless and then Security and take a note of the key. Sometimes it may be a passphrase, some a simple set of letters and others a hexadecimal code. You also may as well note which level of security it is - WEP, WPA or WPA/PSK 2 and then either AES or TKIP. Your computer will already know this but it's handy information to store. Note also that hexadecimal only contains numbers from zero to 9 and letters a to f so there's no confusion of I and O with 1 and 0.

    Keep a note of that security key in My Documents and also outside the computer.
  2. Thank you so much for your help. I will give that a try but I'm really new to computers. Thank you again.
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