New Rampage IV No power!

Hi All
I've just bought all net set of components to build my new PC

i7 3930k
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
32gb [8 x 4gb] G.Skill F3-14900CL9D 1.5v
PSU Coolermaster Silent Hybrid Pro 1050w
Asus Radeon 7970
Among others -SSD- New case etc

I built my new system on a brand new Coolermaster Cosmos II case, everything was smooth, however when I clicked power button it did not start.
I said OK i forgot something but just to make sure I started the new pc by the START button on the mobo. PC booted up nicely.
After checking the flex coming from the top of the case to the power sw of the motherboard I had to get in touch with Coolermaster as the flex was not working.
I said fine, I'll start installing windows and use the computer with the start switch from the mobo. I finish building my case, connect the power from the wall to the PSU and something strange happened - The PSU fan started to spin for 1 second, motherboard ON with then off. Strangest of all is that the START button on the motherboard is ON but it does not start.

I removed the mobo from the case to discard any potential circuit error and the problem still continues. You can see the behavior on two videos I made

Troubleshooting performed:
All steps here
Removed everything just leaving power and still same behavior
Tested different memory, different PSU still the same
I assume a DOA on the mobo, but *** can be such bad luck?

Since Im out of ideas I'd like to ask for your opinion

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  1. Ok some more testing, as suggested here I tested only with 24 pin but leaving unplugged 4-pin/4-pin to discard VRM issues, but still it does the same!

    I need some guidance here
  2. Try resetting your CMOS.
  3. Thanks, done already but same. Also I removed the battery just in case.
  4. I ended up by returning it to the store where I acquire it, hopefully I'll receive a new one next tuesday
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