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I recently upgraded (Or so i think) from an AMD Phenom x6 1035 2.6ghz to an AMD Phenom II 980 x4 3.7ghz. I assumed this would improve my framerate in video games because of the higher clock speed, but ive seen no improvement at all, am i doing something wrong? I also have an GeForce gtx 560
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  1. There are a lot of games out there and they all have different system requirements , some want a good cpu and others want a good gpu still others want a little bit more ram. The thing is though you have a better chance of seeing a performance increase with a video card upgrade or overclock. An example of this is the new game out BF3 can run on a dual core cpu so that means it is video card intensive and depending on what you have for a video card is going to determine what you get for performance. So you didn't do anything wrong you just will see more of a performance increase if you would upgrade or overclock your video card.
  2. The processor has little effect in gaming beyond a certain point. If the CPU can keep up, then even if you have 50 CPUs working together, you're not going to get any frame rate improvements. The GPU, however, will boost frame rates considerably.

    By the way, a higher clock speed does not always mean better performance though it does help. The number of cores the CPU has along with any optimizations it has have a strong effect as well. CPUs with a lot of cores generally have a lower clock speed than those with few cores. However, if you do video encoding or use highly multi-threaded programs, then you'll get more performance with a CPU with several cores and a lower clock than one with fewer cores and a higher clock. Remember that overclocking is also possible which can help offset these.
  3. Thanks for the Info, maybe i should return My processor and video card and just buy a better newer Geforce 580 or something, thanks
  4. And as a follow up, sometimes in loading screens around symbols (Like the Windows very first loading screen after the BIOS) i see small green flickering pixels, it sounds like an overheating thing, but i know it's not, did i install the processor wrong?
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